Miller security service is VideoWache system partner, a new service product of BSG Wüst GmbH.

Systematic monitoring of endangered outdoor vehicle abstellflächen, solar parks, unmanned allows extremely high protection at surprisingly low cost through a sophisticated detector concept of utilities, tank farms, port and air security, etc..

And a first in this area:
The cost is fixed for you as the operator and predictable for years.

This concerns also the receipt, evaluation and working triggered video sequences. Our detector concept is so smart that we can calculate its mode of action and the expected volume of video sequences in advance.

This is not only new - this proves our statement of extreme false alarm security, which do not provide similar systems strongly. Thus, VideoWache can do relatively complex security tasks that were previously reserved for security staff on the ground. (VideoWache is a registered trademark of BSG Wüst GmbH).

Your VideoWache advantages:

  • very high detection reliability (= high capture rate)
  • very low false alarm rate (= low mtl.) (Cost NSL)
  • many General insurers accepted free site backup (= lower insurance premiums)
  • Using mostly standard technology (= high security of investment)
  • Involvement of the competent security authorities (= local police and special forces)
  • Maximum costs (= calculable costs)
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