Alarm systems

Modern burglary alarm and hazard notification systems are the core of a professional security solution.

A burglar alarm system (BAS) or sensor danger alarm (SDA) monitor Windows and doors on lock, rooms and open spaces to movement and notify those emergency occupied reliably to a 24 hour and emergency call center (ECC).

Our professional alarm management guarantees a rapid response to incoming alarms.

Higher efficiency, we achieve a still with our "VideoWache" security solution.

This transfer in addition high-resolution video sequences in our integrated image control center next to security alarm data.

The employees from the control center can detect now clearly with the help of the live image, what really happens on the ground.

An alarm is triggered by an employee by mistake, this is detected on video surveillance.

This saves you considerable costs.

Unlike in the case of an alarm. This are directly police forces notified and, where appropriate, with information from the control center.

Stored video sequences in addition help the investigating authorities in the taking of evidence and criminal prosecution.

We offer security alarm systems for the following areas:

  • Private residential buildings - apartment or House ( BildNotruf)
  • Commercial objects - car dealerships, solar parks, forwarding agents, etc. ( VideoWache)
  • Construction sites - backup the construction site vehicles (gps vehicle tracking)
security alarm system
Components of a security alarm system
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Next generation IP-transmission
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